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Dental Thoughts: Dentistry in Cork for 100 years

The Cork University Dental hospital has recently celebrated it's 100th year serving in Cork, Hayley and I both qualified from CUDH and it's great to see it going from strength to strength.

The times they are a' changin

But what a change, and how rapid! In the 1970s about 30% of the population in this country over the age of 18 had no natural teeth. Nowadays, just 6% of people have no natural teeth. The image of the grandmother's dentures sitting by the bedside in a glass is one we are often told of by patients, but it may well (hopefully) be a thing of the past.

As well as reducing the number of missing teeth in total, our options for replacing teeth have grown with the success of implant dentistry. The 'standard' of care in North America is now no longer a full lower denture for people who are missing teeth, but instead a prosthesis supported by fixed implants.

Dr John Bresnan

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