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What happens to my teeth during pregnancy? Is it safe to go to the dentist while pregnant?

If I’m pregnant, is it safe to attend my dentist.

It is very important to attend your dentist before, during and after pregnancy. It is 100% safe to attend your dentist for an examination. Most elective work at a dentist will be deferred ideally until your second trimester. Emergencies such as pain and infections can be treated safely.

Are there any problems I might experience with my teeth or gums during pregnancy?

You may experience swollen and sore gums. Changing hormone levels can cause a heightened response and more sensitive gums. A ‘pregnancy epulis’ is a swollen area on the gum that can occur during pregnancy that may be uncomfortable, thankfully this will normally resolve after your baby is born.

There have been cases where infection in the mouth has led to health issues for the developing baby. It is thus important to take great care of your oral hygeine while pregnant.

What can I do to prevent such problems?

Excellent homecare, brushing flossing and mouthwash will help prevent issues like this during pregnancy. Professional cleaning by your dentist is recommended before pregnancy, and in your second trimester.

After your child is born, you will have a lot on your hands. But consider reading our blog on when to bring your child to the dentist, and our blog on pacifiers and thumb sucking in infants.

Dr John Bresnan

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