Announcing our custom whitening kits

We use Opalecsence 16% carbamide peroxide with added potassium nitrate and fluoride to strengthen and protect your teeth. We give each patient 8 x 1.2ml of whitening agent.

What is the procedure?

1. We check that you are suitable for treatment. If so, we take impressions of your teeth.

2. Our in-house laboratory constructs your custom fitted trays, and allows us to complete your trays within one day.

3. We fit the trays at a second visit and you are given personalised instructions for using them.

4. Use your kit as instructed for 1-2 weeks, wearing the trays overnight or daily (4-6hrs).

How does whitening work? Is it safe?

When used with this method, it is safe and does not damage teeth [1-5]

1. The whitening agent enters the enamel to reach the stained molecules inside the tooth.

2. Oxygen molucules are released and flush out the stain within the teeth.

3. See the results.

How long does whitening last?

Whitening will last anywhere from 2-4 years. Naturally, this will vary based on the stain your teeth encounter from food, drink, and smoking. Our treatment includes 8 x 1.2ml syringes which is enough to whiten teeth, and enough leftover for top-ups in the future.

Dr John Bresnan


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