What is Six Month Smiles®

What is Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smiles® is a type of braces for straightening your teeth using clear braces (unlike traditional ''metal braces'').

How much does this cost?

• €2800 total for a single arch (upper or lower) treatment

• €3000 total for both upper and lower treatment

We offer monthly payments, and require a €500 deposit to start the braces treatment. We include all necessary aftercare such as bonded retainers, clear retainers in this price. There are no extra charges.

Who is a good candidate for these braces?

• If you are 16 years+

• Unhappy with crowded, spaced or misaligned teeth particularly at the front of the mouth

Most adults ARE suitable for Six Month Smiles® treatment. Have a look at some of our happy patient results in our gallery.

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What are the benefits of Six Month Smiles®?

The brackets and wire are made of discrete materials unlike typical orthodontics. The treatment time is considerably shorter than other teeth straightening treatments taking between 4-9 months. The treatment is generally less expensive than other options for straightening teeth. Less force is used to move your teeth, thus less discomfort and focuses on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

After the teeth are straightened, a retainer is necessary to maintain the position of your teeth. There are 2 options to maintain the position of the teeth, including placement of a removable or fixed retainer. Using clear braces, they discretely and gently move the teeth into correct alignment.

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Dr. Hayley Brahm


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