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After you have a denture fitting with a tooth extraction

If the sockets feel sharp

When multiple teeth are removed that are adjacent to one another, it is common to feel small bony projections in the area between the tooth sockets. These are the small triangles of bone that were located between the teeth. These are normal, and will smooth out over time as the sites heal.

Denture adhesive

If a new denture is worn over the sites and denture adhesive is used, it is important that the adhesive is not placed near the stitches. This would result in the adhesive adhering to the stitches, which would pull on the stitches when the denture is removed.


When an immediate denture is placed following multiple extractions, it is best to remove and clean the denture after meals. The denture can be cleaned with warm water and a toothbrush.

It is generally best to leave the denture in place while sleeping for at least the first week to two weeks following the surgery. If the denture is left out while sleeping, or for extended periods of time shortly after the surgery, the soft tissue can swell, and you won't be able to get the denture to fit properly back in the mouth.

Pain and soreness

It is normal for their to be a "settling" process, as the swelling goes down over time. This results in pressure sores in areas where the denture is rubbing excessively.

Your dentist will make appointments to adjust the denture to make it more comfortable. After these adjustments, the denture will settle again, and new sores will develop in different areas, requiring further adjustments. This "settling" process will eventually resolve as the extraction sites heal, and the denture will become comfortable and stable.

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