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Retainer Information and Maintenance

​Teeth will move towards to their initial position if retainers are not used. This is especially true for adults. After spending the time and money on straightening your teeth, to keep them straight a retainer is needed.

1. Removable retainers can keep your teeth straight but after braces come off they need to be worn for 6 months full time (except while eating), then every night while you sleep for 6 months to 1 year. After this, wear the retainer(s) for 3-4 nights per week from then on.

2. A fixed retainer is a small wire that is bonded to the back of your front 6 teeth and holds your front 6 teeth in place.

3. You will not be able to floss normally in between your front 6 teeth if you have the fixed retainers.

You can use a tooth pick, ‘SuperFloss’ by OralB, Tepe brushes or other to clean between your teeth near

the gums. You may be able to thread floss under the bonded retainers.

4. A removable or fixed retainer must be used indefinitely. It is important that you notify us right away if you think you are experiencing any tooth movement.

5. There is a fee to fix/replace your retainer if damaged or lost so take good care of them.

Care and maintenance

1. Clean retainer with cold water and a soft tooth brush. It is best NOT to use tooth paste as the retainers will

become scratched.

2. In case of a bad odour soaked retainers in Listerine mouth wash (30 minutes) or “Retainer Brite” cleaner.

Denture cleaners or bleach should not be used.

3. Keep the retainer in its case when it is not being worn.


1. Keep away from pets and small children.

2. Keep away from heat-such as hot water, direct sunlight, radiators – they will distort the retainer.

3. Inform us immediately if the retainers are lost or damaged.

4. Bring retainers to all review/dental check-up appointments.


1. Leave on a table when eating – they can get thrown out.

2. Put in pocket without being in a container- they can be easily damaged

Dr. Hayley Brahm

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