Composite Veneers (simple, aesthetic treatment for front teeth)

Patients often ask what can be done regarding front teeth that have been previously treated elsewhere. This patient had older composite fillings placed after a fall where she broke most of the teeth. They are showing wear and staining, and the margin of the veneer is very visible at the patients upper left central incisor.

After checking that the bond and status of the original fillings was good, we decided to re-layer the front of each filling. The patient had a 1 mm layer of old composite filling removed from the front of each teeth, and new composite flowed and shaped over them. The procedure took 60 minutes and in this case cost 200 euro in total. At the end, we show the patient her new teeth, and make any adjustments she desires (squarer teeth, higher, shorter etc).

The veneers were performed without the need for anaesthetic. They now appear much more realistic and lifelike, and most importantly the patient is happy!