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Porcelain Crowns

This patient wanted a nicer appearance for his back tooth (marked with blue arrow). The tooth was very broken down and had a large white filling and root canal, so in this case we suggested a crown treatment.

A crown is a porcelain covering for the tooth that is custom made for your own mouth. It is extremely resistant and long lasting, and is recommended for teeth that need extra strength (after root canals, deep fillings, or just very broken down). The new crown is very lifelike and should be hard to spot as different from your own teeth.

This crown procedure takes 2 visits, one 60 minutes appointment to prepare the tooth for the crown, and another 20 minutes procedure to place the crown about two weeks later. This crown cost 750 euro, and enjoys a 20% discount by using a Med 2 form to claim back your taxes on this treatment (available to anyone).

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