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Treating Unsightly White spots on teeth

Icon Treatment from DMG is a happy accident. It was developed to treat early cavities (Infiltration CONcept) by using flowable filling material to sink into and fill micro-porosity and defects within teeth, without the use of a drill.

As it happens, this technique was discovered to be excellent at treating white spots on teeth, some patients have developed these after braces, or are even born with them due to early illness, antibiotics, or over consumption of flouride when young (Flourosis).

Prior to Icon, the only way to reduce or remove these white spots was to veneer these teeth, unnecessarily cutting back tooth structure, and creating a need to maintain veneers over your life time. Now you can use a gentle, no drill technique to strengthen, and improve the appearance of these spots.

Below is a recent picture of the front teeth of one of our patients using the icon technique. The procedure takes about 40 minutes, no anesthetic or drilling is needed, and you can eat straight away. It is also more cost effective than veneer type treatments.

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